Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A new season of life

I first want to say thank you to all my eagles for commenting on my BLOG..... It was so fun to read them........
To the left is a picture of Randy and I with grandbaby #5 Abigail Jane, so beautiful. Our story began August 20th 1974. We were married in the Salt Lake City temple by Elder LeGrand Richards. I was so young, 19. Yes so young. Randy and I have had quite the journey, I am so grateful for my temple covenants, it is the foundation of my life. I am also grateful for what my challenges in life have taught me. The Lord has a way of rounding and smoothing the sharp points of our character , tailored just for us. I love my dear husband, Randy has many talents which I admire, he has been a great supporter for our family, and works so hard. Last June we were called to be Temple workers at the Mesa temple. This has been such a great blessing to me personally and to my marriage, oh how I love the temple. Peace. It has helped me endure Jill moving away and now Jacy. We all have our lives to live where ever it takes us , and just knowing we are an eternal family gives me peace. Randy and I work the first shift on saturday morning. We get up at 3:30a.m. and need to be there at 4:30a.m. and our shift ends at 11:20. After our shift we get lunch and then I go to work at Cherry St. Antiques until 4:00p.m. it is a long day but so wonderful. It has given Randy and I time to reflect on what is essential, what really matters, I love it. The Lord reallly knows us and knows what we need in our lives. The important thing is to live our lives so that we will be receptive to what he has instore for us. The gospel really is the plan of happiness....... Now many of you know I like antiques it is so fun that some of my children and nieces do to, and I like decorating. Jamie has given me the name changey rearrangey, wow is that the under statement. Yesterday Jan. 26th I was true to my name and made a CHANGE. I have posted a picture of the change and also some of the collections that give me joy, remember women are that they might have joy...
Patio table brought inside.

This chandelier will be hung...

up here.

I love chandeliers.

My Favorite Room of the House

I love chandeliers.

The mirror and the buffet were both purchased from Julie Blair.
Even though they didn't come together, they add a lot to the Shabby Chic look.

I collect a lot of things. Things that have potential.

I love white on white.

Collection of Mother verses.

Long awaited farm sink...

after a trip to Globe, I have finally got my farm sink.
Randy even put it in the night we got home!
Now isn't that exciting!!

Saved the Best for last.

My precious grand babies. It doesn't get any better than this.
Except, I want 50 more.

Grammy Lu's Favorite Things to Collect:

litttle things
old frames
match boxes
mothers verses
composition dolls, old
old jewelry
old purses
old urns

this list is good for now, pretty scary!

Monday, January 26, 2009

grammylu jives has just arrived

To all family and friends, well here I am. This is my debut to the blogging world. Hold on to your seat. Thank goodness I have a patient daughter, Jori is the one to give credit for my attempt at this new-to-me technology. I feel like our great grandparents must have felt when they went from horse and buggy to the model T, pen to typewriter, or dishpan hands to automatic dishwasher. ha ha

Like all of you, I want to share a part of my life with you, the ones I love most! The older I get the more I realize the importance of family history, memories to share and expressing heart felt feelings. Because I have been given much I too must give.