Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Enough Already

Who's on the Lord's side who?

Is there anyone out there that is fed up with the news media, television in general, or talk radio? I have had to just turn it off. I find myself just wanting to watch old classic movies or reading a good book, or looking at decorating magazines. If I have to hear our NEW Pres. of the good ole USA try and sell his socialism plan one more time I think I will scream. I know it is important to be up with current events, but all of this mess with the economy is craziness. Have you noticed how the Ensign this month is all about self-reliance, preparedness, and having the oil in our lamps full. I love the scriptures, only by trusting in the Lord will we find peace. I am so grateful for the gospel, I think as time goes on, all of us, if we ask for it will have many missionary experiences. The signs of the times, as many say, are all around us. I hope as we all live each day we pray to be a good influence, I know all of you do, what great examples you all are to me. You can just tell how strong these little spirits that are coming to our homes now are. Definitely saturday warriors! I am excited for Jori, this year she is going to be in the Easter pageant, as a birth angel. She is excited too. A chance to participate in such a great program and feel the spirit so strong each night will be amazing. Let us all treasure our blessings, we live in an exciting time, the best of times and the worst of times..... now that I have vented I feel better. I am anxious for general conference. Let us stay close. I love you all.