Thursday, April 30, 2009

Love at Home

Well, here I am writing another tender post. I miss my Dad. He has been gone five years today. May 1st. 2004. Occasionally I drive by his house and reminisce time spent there the last few years of his life. We spent a lot of time there taking care of his yard and cleaning his house. These are great memories for me. Dad took great pride in having a nice yard.
It was such a special time in being able to help take care of Dad., after he got ill. He was always so kind. Dad was all about love!!!! I had a great Dad. He loved the Lord, was such a hard worker, so organized, loved to serve people and put on a great party, those luaus are memorable. He was a loyal friend, and was such a tease, Justin has gotten that trait. He always had a story to tell, for most of my life I believed every word. He made sure my childhood was the best. Disneyland every summer, Horseback riding every Thursday, Annual Cowboy Breakfast, steak cookouts, story telling on the sun-deck. We really never wanted for any material thing , he was a great provider. He was a great man, a great Dad and grandpa. I miss his early 6:00 Tuesday morning phone call, "Are you making me something good to eat today?" Oh, how he loved green chili corn bread. He never complained, he was always so positive about life. Even the last day of his life, we had such a great conversation, expression of love for each other and the family when all along he was in a lot of discomfort, little did we know how much fluid was building inside of his body.
I miss his hugs.

His sayings:
"Don't take any wooden nickels"
"What's the price of wheat in Shang-hi?"
"Its cuuute"
"Aseeta balancha aseeta papoo"
"I see London I see France, I see (insert name here) 's underpants."
"You know the song of the shepherd's serinade? ... BAAA BAAAA"
"There's a place in France where the naked ladies dance. There's a hole in the wall where the men can see it all." (just imagine his signature peck muscle flexation)
"Pop-eye the sailor man"
"Now, now."
These are just a few examples of my witty Dad's humor.
We always knew he wasn't happy when he would say, "We need to have a pow wow."
..... Dad I love you. And I miss you!
Let us all remember Lavon or is it LaVaun, or LaVaughn or Vaughn, A. Wright???

This morning I attended the 5:30 a.m. session at the Temple . When I got to the assembly room and sat down, the song Love at Home was playing, and then today just as we were closing the Antique shop at 4:00, "Dancing with my Father" by Luther Vandross started playing on the radio, (Dad passed away at 4:00p.m.) Do you think he was close by today? Now mother and Dad are together preparing a place for us, I wonder how many dogs and horses will be there. I forgot to mention his love for animals, do you think Liz has followed in those footsteps? Love you sista.

Dad was in a lot of parades, preparing for those events was a big endeavor, I think Lo and I probably have more memories of this. Gosh, I had such a great childhood, THANK YOU to my wonderful parents. I miss you both dearly. ALOHA

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Love at first sight

Is your purse or handbag, a friend. A true and loyal friend. I found mine last week at Target. You see I have had friends in the past that were not really me, and they would get returned to the store after a week or two, but this new one meets all my criteria of being loyal. First the size works, its not too deep, easy to find what I am looking for. The color is good for summer, it is soft, not too stiff, it has a snap, not a zipper. It has handles and a strap. very user friendly. Frankly it has everything I look for in a TRUE FRIEND. And it was under 30.00 dollars, I never spend over 30.00, I would show you my other friends of the past but after Oprah had the show on hording I got rid of them. This new love makes me smile, makes me happy. Do you have a true friend?

P.S. The day after my new friend and I met, I went to work and Jessica Blair and said, "Hello, Oh Lucille, cute bag!" I knew then that this was a long-lasting relationship.
Also, my daughter Jamie said, "Oh mom you got a new friend! It makes me happy when I see it."

..If you only knew how many stores I have gone to over the last few months to find my one and only. I truly have a friend.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

My Angel Mother

Today is April 2nd. It has been twenty years since my angel mother left this mortal existence, seems like it just happened and that it has been a life time all in one. My mother, Norma Riggs Wright was an amazing women. Health problems, were her Gethsemane, her test in life. She had strength and courage. Oh, how I miss my mother. I miss being able to call her on the phone and have her with a ready answer to my question, for you see she was very wise. My mom knew a lot about everything, from love, to child rearing, homemaking, decorating, gardening, entertaining, the buzz on hollywood, to the principles of the gospel of Jesus Christ, she was a smart lady my mother, and I miss her more than I can express in words. Memories are all I have now, and my memories are tender to my heart. I understand now, why my mother did some of the things she did. Living life has a way of helping us understand....... I miss my mothers smell, her touch, her tenderness, her laugh, her knowledge, her wisdom, her testimony, her humor, her presence. I miss not being able to share my life with her, Jamie was just 2 yrs. old when mother died, the only one who has a lot of memories of her is Jill. I asked Justin not too long ago of his memories of grandma, and they are faded; that makes me sad. My mother taught me how to love, we love deep, we feel deep. Sometimes I think that might be a curse, but, no I am grateful because I know what love is and how to love because of my mother. There is not a day that does not go by that I don't think of her. I know she is not very far away. I have felt her from time to time over the years, and that is a comfort. I need to take the time and write down some stories of experiences from my life with her so that my family can have her brought to life for them. Just know this, Norma was an amazing, beautiful, culture refined woman, she was an angel. I miss her, I love her. It has been twenty years since my mother left this mortal existence.