Friday, May 7, 2010

Love, Jori :)

Has it really been over a YEAR since my mom has made a post? I knew it had been a long time, but a year?! Wow, time keeps going by faster and faster! You see, when she first started this blog, she came to me for answers. I was not extremely comfortable with the blogging world myself. But much more computer savvy I guess, so she turned to me! I loved it because I would get to first dibs on what she was going to post about. "Hey Jori, I want to make a post on 'this', let's take a picture of it." Haha I loved it. Since when does my mom like taking pictures?? I still can't believe she put the picture up of her holding her latest friend at the time.

Anyway, I just got some inspiration(see picture below) and decided I want to make a little post about her. Maybe help ya get to know her more.

Those of you who don't know me, I'm Jori. Hi. :)
I am her youngest daughter of six. Yeah, the youngest. I must get everything I want, right? Haha well I don't think so. (Even though my siblings would have to disagree with that at many times.) My mom is just wonderful and would do anything for her kids. ANYTHING. And I don't get any sort of favoritism to that. (Ok, maybe just a little ;).) But really when it comes down to it, my mom is just an extremely selfless, caring, and loving mom. There are so many examples of this I could bring up and go so much more into, but I wanna get to this.....

Do any of you know what this is?

Notice that pan, pecans, powdered sugar...

Hmm, why could this be laying out on the table on a night such as this?

Well let me tell you why. It's CINNAMON ROLL making time. My mom is famous for these babies. Every Christmas morning. Birthdays, if that's what you want. Heck, even as her appreciation to members in the ward. She will make these awesome, delightful, heart-warming pieces of heaven.

So what's the occasion this time?

Ok.. well let me tell you what tomorrow is. It is clinical presentations day for the respiratory care program at Gateway Community College. What the heck is that? Well you see, I am a student at Gateway in the respiratory care program. Its my first semester there. Clinical presentations is where the students get to present a clinical situation (their experience working with a patient at the hospital) to the rest of the program and faculty. Fortunately, I am first semester and so have not yet been to clinical rotations to work at the patients bedside. So us first semester students get to sit back and enjoy what we hear. Or so that's what they say...I'm sure it's going to be a huge learning experience.

Still, what does this have to do with my mom making cinnamon rolls?? I'm getting there, I promise.

Clinical presentations day is from 7am to 4pm and is a potluck breakfast and lunch all day. (Thank goodness!) When they told us about this at the beginning of the semester and how we are to each bring some kind of food to share...I thought, "...breakfast, cinnamon rolls, man everyone would love me!" Haha. I just kept that in the back of my head though.

Then as the semester kept rolllin by, my birthday came along. It just so happened to land on a Thursday this year. Thursdays were my lab days. 7 - noon. I had great people in my lab who loved to bring food. Come on, who doesn't love that? Especially when you have to be at school at 7-in-the-freaking-morning. My teacher had also said at the beginning of the semester that she doesn't mind if we bring food for the class, or if its someone's birthday and they want to bring birthday cake. That was my cue. I would bring cinnamon rolls. Yessss. Sure enough, my mom was happy to make them. They were a hit! At the end of the day, my classmates were ready to hire her. Seriously. They told me, "Tell your mom, if she will make these again for us, we will bring money for her and pay her." I'm really gonna have to start that for next semester! What a great way to make some extra bucks. Its a win-win situation. My class is happy, teachers would be happy, I'd be happy cuz they are happy, and my mom would be happy with some extra cash, so that would make me even more happy. So really its a win-win-win-win-extra win situation.

Ok, wow. Sorry, I feel like I keep going off on tangents. But after that first taste of my mom's cinnamon rolls. Almost everyday, my class has been raving about them. I told my mom all about this, then threw in there..."would you be willing to make them again for the end of the semester?" Sure enough, what did she say? Yes!

So when it came time to discuss clinical presentations day again in class and what we should be looking for and are responsible for, I was sure to let my class know that my mom will be making cinnamon rolls. Oh how much joy that brought the class. My teacher was especially excited. (She had been trying to go off sweets. Mind you, when I first met her, she told us she loves desserts and believes they go with every meal of the day. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Donuts were especially her thing. Until she had my mom's cinnamon rolls that is. Ha when I took them to class for my birthday, she almost failed my because I was taking away her will power. Really, she basically threatened me. Then what'd she do? She had seconds. Oh the power of these cinnamon rolls.) Everyone is anticipating these cinnamon rolls tomorrow. No pressure mom!

Now here it is, just after midnight. I was in the kitchen earlier and noticed that little set-up for cinnamon roll-baking. My mom had told me she was going to get up at 3 in the morning to make them. ..But I think I hear her getting up now. That little stinker! She gets no sleep. I don't know how she does it. These past few weeks of no sleep for me because of studying is nothing compared to my mom's inadequate sleep. Anyhow, I better wrap this up so she doesn't suspect that I'm doing this. I wanna make her surprised! And it just so happens Mother's Day is in two days, what a coincidence. Happy Mother's Day Mom!! :)

I just had to show some more appreciation to my fantastic mother. So mother, thank you. For always being so willing to do anything that you know will make your children happy. I love you. You sacrifice so much of your time for those that you love. You are an amazing woman and I hope to be a great mother to my children someday as you have been to me. I love youuu. To the moon and back, and back and back and back. Forever and always.

P.S. Let's start blogging again. We have the house to ourselves! It's just you, me, and dad. Let's get down to business, finish our projects, and blog about them! I know everyone here in this world misses your posts.
P.S.S. I somehow managed to delete your previous background.. But I came across this one, I hope you like it!

Love your favorite,


Sidenote to all of you professional bloggers: Maybe someday soon I'll start a blog of my own. For a project for school this semester, I kept one about my progress through the respiratory care program. It made me realize that blogging really is not all that hard, and its fun! I've always wanted to, just haven't felt creative enough for it. So stay tuned. I may be joining ya'll! Keep on posting and giving me inspiration, and the sooner I will have to make mine! :) Love you all!!